Fall 2019 University Concert Band Audition Sign-Up

This form will allow you to register for an audition time slot for the University Concert Band. Please complete all of the required fields. Professor Breaux will contact you to arrange an audition time.

Please contact Prof. Breaux if you have any questions: michael.breaux@nyu.edu

Registration for the class will be completed by Prof. Breaux once all auditions are complete (during the first week of school). To that end, all of the information required below is needed to complete your registration.
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Please indicate the name that NYU uses for you where possible. As Prof. Breaux searches for you in Albert, it will make things much easier if he knows your "registration" name. Thank you!!
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For both the Concert Band and the MEJE there are variable credits: a) 1 credit; b) 0 credit. Please indicate the credit number you require for the ensemble(s) for which you are registering below.
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