Immigration Navigator Training
9:00AM to 5:30PM on June 17, 2017 at the UU Church of Canton, 3 1/2 East Main St

This one-day Immigration Navigator training is ideal for staff and volunteers of organizations that serve immigrants and who are interested in building their capacity to support immigrants through the complex immigration legal system and defend their rights in this harsh political climate.

The training includes the following topics: (1) an overview of the demographics of the immigrant communities in US and NYS; (2) a review of the immigration policies in the Obama Administration and a discussion of possible ones in the Trump Administration; (3) basic immigration history; (4) a basic overview of immigration law; (5) an explanation of the Community Navigator model; (6) best practices in avoiding unauthorized practice of law and combating immigration fraud; (7) discussion of basic rights in the US, regardless of immigration status; (8) designing a family safety plan and gathering documents in the event of interactions with law enforcement (ICE, CBP, and local police); (9) fighting hate crime; and, (10) effective outreach & planning strategies.

After the completion of this training, participants will have the information and tools to provide immigrant community members with a “Know-Your-Rights” training and enable them to assert their rights in the health and education systems, in their interactions with their landlords and with law enforcement (Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE), Customs Border Protection (CBP), and local police). After the training, the participants will have the necessary information and tools to share with community members about combating hate crime. The participants will also be equipped with information and tools to help community members in forming a family safety plan in the event of immigration detention or arrest.

This free training presented by the New York Immigration Coalition and co-hosted by the UU Church of Canton and the St. Lawrence Valley Sub-chapter of North Country SURJ includes breakfast, lunch, and all necessary materials.

Please, enter your information below to register by June 10. If you are coming from out of the area and need someplace to stay the night, please let us know on the registration form or call Relani at 315-744-0651. Also, there will be 3-hour strategic planning session that we invite you to attend Friday, June 16, in the afternoon. More details to come. Let us know at the end of the following registration form, if you have any questions or concerns.

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