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Thank you for thinking of Nuts About Granola for your event! In order to organize our donation processes we ask that you complete this form. Someone will follow up with you within 48 hours of your submission. Please note that all applications must be reviewed and approved before a donation is granted. Before you fill out the form, please read our donation/event sponsorship policy below: Donation Policy There are so many wonderful organizations out there doing wonderful things for our community. While we would love to donate to them all, we are not able to do so. Donation requests are, but not limited to, silent auction items, door prizes, VIP bag inserts and/or raffle items whose value is less than $100. Listed below are the criteria we follow: 1. Requests must be from a nonprofit or an event raising money for a nonprofit. We do not donate product to for-profit entities that are having special events or promotions. 2. The event or charity must be located in Central PA. We limit the geographical areas to our primary distribution zones. 3. The person who requests a donation must be able and willing to provide proof that the donation was used for its intended purpose (a simple picture taken from a phone will do). 4. All donations must be picked up at our Shoppe located at 46 W. Philadelphia St. York PA 17401 during regular business hours: Tues., Thurs., Sat. from 9am-3pm and Fridays from 11am-6pm. If someone from the organization/event is unable to do so we will ship the donation at his/her expense. 5. Out of respect for the time we take to prepare a donation, if a donation item was requested and not picked up or shipped before the event, we will not donate to the event or organization in the future. 6. All persons requesting a donation or event sponsorship must fill out or our request form located below. Event Sponsorship Policy While some events have a charitable component to them, NAG’s primary motivation behind sponsoring an event is brand and product exposure. Event sponsorship is different than a donation request. Event sponsorships are based on the level of exposure offered to our brand through the promotion of the event. Our event sponsorship criteria are as follows: 1. The event must be located in one of our distribution zones: Central PA and Washington, DC. 2. The event must promote NAG at the level of sponsorship correlating to the product donation value. This is the important criteria item and is the deciding factor when choosing the events we sponsor. To increase your chances of event sponsorship, please provide an accurate summary of the activities that will be done to promote the event’s sponsors. 3. The event must anticipate at least 1,000 attendees. 4. NAG must have at least 30 days’ notice to provide an onsite representative. If an onsite rep is provided, they must be placed in a location that will give them optimal exposure and chances to interact with the attendees. 5. We do not provide monetary event sponsorships, only product. 6. All persons requesting a donation or event sponsorship must fill out or our request form located below. We thank you as always for your continued support and wish you luck with your event!
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