Camp Pursuit Volunteer Application 2017
Thank you for your interest in joining our Camp Pursuit team as a volunteer! Over the years, our volunteers have become a KEY part of our success. Partly due to the fluorescent orange shirts they wear, and partly due to their helpful ever-presence around the camp, our team of volunteers have earned the moniker, "Orange Army."

For this year's Orange Army we are looking for responsible, proactive students between the ages of 15 and 17 to be onsite support at our camps across the DFW Metroplex, Waco, and DC. Because of our partnership with Education Unbound, a 501(c)(3) non-profit who helps underwrite the camp, you can earn credit hours toward your obligations in various organizations that may require volunteer hours with a non-profit.

Stage one of the application process is to complete and submit this form. If you're a match for Camp Pursuit 2017, we'll send you a specialized link to sign up for specific shifts. You can find a list of exact camp dates and venues here:

Sure, volunteering for the Orange Army is hard work at times, but from all the feedback we've received it's also a blast with many benefits: new friendships. lots of free snacks, exposure to new ideas, experience for your resume, a bright orange shirt, and maybe even a great reference for a future school or job application. :)

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Volunteer Code of Conduct
If you are selected as a Camp Pursuit volunteer, you'll need to agree to the following code of conduct. Please indicate your agreement by checking below. You'll also be required so sign a hard copy at your volunteer orientation.

As a volunteer at Camp Pursuit, I understand that appropriate conduct and the observance of rules enhance the experience for all involved. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for me, but my first priority must be to make Camp Pursuit a meaningful and rewarding experience for the campers. In order to do this unselfishly and with a positive attitude, I promise to observe the following guidelines:

1. To follow all rules of Camp Pursuit, to lead by example, and to be a positive role model for all campers, I will:
a. Adhere to the camp schedule at all times;
b. Wear appropriate clothing; (flip-flop casual, but avoid revealing clothing like spaghetti straps or low-cut tops).
c. Respect all facilities, including the property
d. Refrain from use of the phone/computer for personal reasons (except in the event of an emergency)

2. To represent Camp Pursuit—in camp and out of camp—in a respectful and positive manner, I will:
a. Strive to have mature, respectful and friendly interactions with parents;
b. Maintain a positive attitude in front of campers and counselors
c. Seek assistance from a camp director when needed, rather than take frustrations out on campers or parents;
i. Be respectful of parents, and allow us (the camp directors) to deal with any difficult situations.
d. Completely refrain from alcohol/tobacco during camp hours and while wearing camp attire;
e. Refrain from inappropriate relationships with other volunteers and/or staff members

3. To create the best and most stable learning atmosphere, I will:
a. Communicate to the camp directors any emergency that causes a conflict with your responsibilities;
b. Show sensitivity towards the various manifestations of giftedness. Not all gifted students are quiet, polite, and high-achieving. However this does not mean you have to tolerate disrespect (please inform a camp director).

I promise to make a commitment to these rules and guidelines while volunteering at Camp Pursuit, as a way to make camp the most positive and supportive environment it can be for both campers and teachers.

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