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Partner with Nuji
We’re always looking for new partners to join our amazing list of brands and stores we already work with. Please answer the following questions to submit your store for consideration.
1- You and your store:
First Name:
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Last Name:
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Store URL:
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2- Your product selection
What is your typical product count? (Note: we only count unique items and do not consider additional colors/sizes to be another product.)
Do you have unique products that are not available through other stores?
Which categories does your product catalog include? Please select all that apply.
How many brands do you carry?
Do you carry any brands that are not available through other stores?
3- Partnering with us:
How are you looking to work with Nuji?
If you work with an affiliate network, please indicate which ones below. Please select all that apply.
What CPA or CPC rate would you offer Nuji?
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What is your monthly affiliate budget for Nuji?
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Is your site mobile optimized?
Which of the following countries do you ship to? Please select all that apply.
Does each country selected above require a separate affiliate program or feed?
4- Your product feed:
What kind of product feed do you have?
Does your feed only include unique products? (In other words not products that only differ by ‘size’.)
If you can provide a feed that matches Google specs that is hosted on a web server, what is the URL of your feed?
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If your server requires us to log in, please share the credentials here.
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Do you have anything else you’d like us to know about your store?
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