ITU Telecom World 11 - Live Student Participation

During the actual ITU Telecom World 11 event (October 25-27, 2011), panellists, Heads of State and VIPs will be seeking out students' views from the podium - and we want your students to be answering them back. We need a few student volunteers to represent the voices of students worldwide, by jumping onto our conference Twitter account, listening and watching live for up to one hour of a panel, and answering questions posed by the panel chairs or by audience members. They can also provoke, question and challenge the gathered experts with their own view of where the discussion should be headed. We appreciate that timezones mean some students may only be able to take part in their own time at home, and this is strongly encouraged - we'll look after them during the whole process! Otherwise, we'd be delighted for one student, one class or one school to hold the fort on behalf of students worldwide for an hour during the event, tackling a topic that impassions them. If you're interested in getting your whole class involved, or if you have individual students who wish to volunteer, please fill in this form before the end of Monday October 24th. We will begin to get in touch with people on a first come, first served basis from tonight, to let them know which of their available times we'd like them to join us.
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