Oh The Places You'll Go! NSCHS College Visits for 2016-2017

The College and Career Center (CCC) welcomes you to the On-Line Sign-up Tool for Colleges and Universities that will be visiting with us this year. College visits are open to juniors and seniors only within the North Springs community.

Please see very detailed instructions regarding participation in our upcoming college visits.

1. The following is a listing of Colleges and Universities that will be visiting the CCC this year. This is a running list and as institutions commit, they are added daily. Please check this site or link, as additional college/universities will be added.

2. Only sign up for a college/university once. If you visit the site daily, please do not re-select colleges that were previously selected on another visit to the site.

3. Please keep track of the schools you have signed up for in your school agenda, on your phone or calendar. Once you have clicked the schools you would like to visit in the CCC, please take a picture of your selections with your phone, if this will help you in remembering what you have signed up for.

4. A listing of the students who have registered for visits will be sent out to the staff daily so that teachers are aware of students who will be missing class that day. Students will be marked absent from class, if this process is not followed. Please complete the on-line form with your selections to include your first and last name, cell phone number and e-mail address. This should be the student’s information, not the parent.

5. When the visit in the CCC has concluded with the college/university, each student will be given a pass back to class. Please present this pass to gain entry into your next class period.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the College and Career Center!!

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