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Student My Voice Survey - 2017
Gender *
Grade in School *
What is your race?
Are you on a Northmont athletic team? *
School is mostly a welcoming and friendly place. *
Unity Day (the 9th grade program in the small gym at the start of each year) *
Have you attended an Northmont Athletic event this year? (do not count your own athletic team participation.) *
If not, Why?
I feel pretty much accepted for who I am at school. *
Most teachers make an effort to get to know me. *
I have difficulty fitting in at school. *
Most of my teachers care about my problems and feelings. *
I am proud of my school. *
BuIlying: Intentional, repetitive, aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions that happens more than 2 times. The bully is perceived as more powerful than the target. With this in mind: "I think that bullying is a problem at Northmont High School." *
I personally have been the target of bullying at NHS this school year. *
If I wanted to participate in clubs and activities, I know how to find out the information I would need. *
I am involved in a school extra-curricular activity. (sports, club, team, music, etc...) *
Students respect teachers most of the time. *
I have a teacher who is a positive role model for me. *
Most of my teachers care about me as an individual. *
Most of my teachers care if I am absent from school. *
If I have a problem, there is an adult in the building I know I could go to. *
Most teachers respect students. *
Most of the students respect each other. *
I believe I can be successful. *
Most of my teachers believe in me and want me to be successful. *
Going to college or getting technical training is important for my future. *
I work hard to reach my goals. *
I am looking forward to my future. *
School is preparing me for my future. *
I think it's important to set high goals. *
Teachers recognize students who are kind and helpful. *
I give up when school work is difficult. *
I try my hardest in school most of the time. *
Earning good grades is important to me. *
Most of the time, I enjoy being at school. *
Teachers enjoy working with students. *
Most of my teachers try to teach in a way that keeps my attention. *
Most teachers have fun at school. *
I feel comfortable asking questions in most of my classes. *
Most of my teachers present lessons in different ways so more of us can understand. *
I enjoy working on projects with other students. *
Most of my classes help me understand what is going on in everyday life. *
Many of the things I learn in school are interesting to me. *
Students have a voice in decision making at school. *
I see myself as a leader. *
Teachers are willing to learn from students. *
I know the goals my school is working on this year. *
I think my teachers are more stressed this year than before. *
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