North Metro Soccer Association
North Metro takes all grievances seriously. Our policy states that all grievances will be addressed in a timely manner. Grievances will be handled by the appropriate committee (Competitive or Recreation) unless the grievance is with a member of the Board Directors. If your grievance is with one or more of the Board of Directors, your grievance will be addressed by the Executive Committee. If the grievance is with the President then the grievance will be addressed by the board as a whole.

What can you expect if you file a grievance? Your grievance will be taken seriously and we will respect the privacy of those involved. This form will be reviewed by the President and the Director of Administration and then assigned to the appropriate committee. We will investigate the grievance and make a finding, and if appropriate; we will take disciplinary action as described in our policies and procedures. We will follow up with you regarding our findings and share any actions taken as a result of the grievance while respecting the privacy of those involved.
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