Counselor in Training (CIT) Program Request
Please reserve sometime to complete this CIT survey. There are some questions that may take a few minutes to answer.
Session Interest
Please rank your preference in session and location
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
Kiwanis June 14 - June 30
Kiwanis July 12- July 28
Kiwanis August 2 - August 18
Many Point June 16 - July 20
Many Point July 14 - August 17
Many Point Family Camp (Dates Flexible)
Phillippo June 14 - June 30
Phillippo July 12 - July 28
Phillippo July 19 - Aug 11
Stearns - weekends June 14 - July 28
Tomahawk June 16 - July 5
Tomahawk July 7 - July 26
Tomahawk July 28 - August 16
Sub Camp Preference (Tomahawk Only)
CIT's in Chippewa, Sioux and White need to have completed 9th grade. CIT's in Navajo only need to have completed 8th grade.
White Pine
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Area(s) of Interest *
Rate your comfort level in the following areas. (1=Uncomfortable, 5=comfortable)
Public Speaking/Leading Songs
Teaching Scouting Skills
Horses/Animal Care
Shooting Sports
Basic Informantion
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Last Name *
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Age *
Please select the age bracket you will fit into. You must be 15 years old by the start of your session to CIT at Tomahawk or Many Point - 14 at Kiwanis, Stearns, Phillippo and Navajo.
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Scouting Background
Describe your Scouting Experience
# of years in program, offices held, achievements, and awards
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Unit Type
Council Name (if one is known)
Ex: Northern Star Council, Voyageurs Area, Samoset
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District Name
Ex: Chief Black Dog, Three Rivers, Many Waters, etc.
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Unit Number
If you are in Northern Star Council be sure to use your 4 digit unit number. Ex: 9435 or 3212
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How have you shown leadership outside of Scouting?
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What are the important things you have learned from your leadership experiences?
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What other activities do you like to do?
(In school, church, hobbies, etc.)
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How has Scouting been important in your life?
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How do you think a CIT helps Scouts and troops at camp?
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Why do you want to be a Counselor In Training? *
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What do you expect to learn while being a CIT?
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