Hello, the USERS of the NCEP-developed and supported libraries -- Many of you already know that the EMC with DTC support had started restructuring of the NCEP-models related libraries (such as w3, sp, bufr, nemsio etc. ) version control as well as libraries code change management and support procedures. These multiple EMC/NCO supported libraries, are currently utilized by NCEP operational and research models, apparently having multiple different versions for different applications. NCEP models transition to the new platforms and architectures, provide NCEP developed libraries version control, updates and support procedures, serving related NCEP applications with a respect of the current libraries status and legacy of development For more details please click to review NCEPLIBS INITIATION SURVEY document :; - If you do not know an original version of the library which you link against, or it’s somebody else''s build, please just specify where it is and all you know about it. We will contact you as needed. - If you have any question regarding this survey please reply to the e-mail of the sender with your question - Cutoff time for the collection is set as April, 15th 2012. After that all requests will be considered based on team availability and nceplibs ticket support procedure. Thank you! NCEPLIBS-Team
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