HSRP Breakout Session Registration

Members of the public are invited to engage in open, interactive breakout discussions with NOAA’s HSRP advisory committee members, to offer suggestions or recommendations for improvements to NOAA’s navigation data, products, and services. Listed below are some issues and challenges that may be discussed during each breakout session.

NOAA has asked each breakout group to make recommendations, and they will have about two hours for discussion.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS - Sept 17th - 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Port & Harbor Expansion - Ashley Room

Possible topics:
- What must NOAA get right to meet the needs of port expansion?
- Are additional PORT sensors needed to meet the needs of larger vessels(air gap, water level, current meters, visibility sensors, wave buoys)?
- The NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson (a large hydrographic ship with two smaller survey launches) is scheduled to survey the approaches to Charleston in 2015. What else should it work on while it is here?
- NOAA recently created a new chart for the approaches to Charleston. How is it meeting the needs of the navigation community?
- Does NOAA do an adequate job conveying all the information the USACE collects on the nautical charts?
- Will greater positional accuracy be needed in the future?

Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway & Recreational Boating - Magnolia Room

Possible topics:
- In what ways are current navigation needs being met?
- Can NOAA make better use of USACE and other datasets?
- Is the scale of nautical chart adequate for the detail needed to transit the ICW?
- Knowing NOAA can't do everything what should NOAA focus on with in the ICW?
- How can NOAA respond better to the needs for recreational boaters?

Geospatial Modeling & Coastal Resilience - Grand Cypress Ballroom

Possible topics:
- Are there geodetic control issues that NOAA should be aware of in this region?
- What are some challenges and issues with NOAA's positioning data and provide some recommendations for improvement?
- How does the maritime community use NOAA products to plan for resilience?
- How is VDatum being used by local surveyors?
- Do storm surge products meet the needs of the maritime and non maritime community?

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