HSRP Breakout Session Registration

Members of the public are invited to engage in open, interactive breakout discussions with NOAA’s HSRP advisory committee members, to offer suggestions or recommendations for improvements to NOAA’s navigation data, products, and services. Listed below are some issues and challenges that may be discussed during each breakout session.

NOAA has asked each breakout group to make recommendations, and they will have about three hours for discussion.


Updated Nautical Charting & Consistency in Standards

Possible topics:
- Demarcation of federally maintained channels on NOAA charts: inclusion of bathymetry inside federal channels
- Product pipeline issues with delayed updates on ENCs versus the RNCs and paper charts
- Transmittal of USACE survey data for special projects (not part of federally maintained channels) for NOAA charts
- Possible uses of crowd-sourced data for NOAA charts
- USACE use of NOAA’s navigation data to support debris removal
- User concerns with the cancellation of NOAA lithographic navigation charts
- Improvements for NOAA-certified print on demand charts

Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM), Modeling & Resiliency

Possible topics:
- What do coastal stakeholders need? In particular, which NOAA services, products, or data are most useful?
- How do local and state governments integrate NOAA spatial data collected for post-storm damage assessment?
- How might “crowd-sourced” data be useful for IOCM?
- How do users work with NOAA mapping & modeling data?
- Better data to improve SLOSH models?
- Can we improve NOAA and USACE collaboration on LiDAR surveys (pre-storm and post-storm) to address coastal resiliency?

Integrating Federal Emergency Response Efforts for Coastal Resiliency

Possible topics:
- How can USACE, NOAA and USCG work better with states in preparedness, response and recovery?
- Most state and federal agencies must do more with less. What are the possibilities for sharing resources?
- What is the best way to collaborate on best practices, roles & responsibilities of agencies, and coordination of emergency response efforts?
- What is the most effective use of local/regional resources to address post-damage assessment?
- Are there better ways to prioritize NOAA's navigation response team surveys in non-emergency responses?
- What should be the role of federal agencies in preventive measures to reduce storm impact and damages?

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