Study Abroad Student Application
BEFORE completing this form, please read the Study Abroad Application Instructions:

Study abroad program applications, including all supporting recommendations/materials, are due by May 31, 2019.

An interview may be required as part of the application process. The Global Engagement Office will contact you to schedule an interview if necessary.

Note that this form may take some time to complete. Be sure to complete this form when you have sufficient time to dedicate to it.

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About NMH Study Abroad
I am applying for the following program: *
Please note that for the Model UN program options, spaces are limited and offers of admission may not be to the program of first choice or preference.
My second choice program is: *
My third choice program is:
Have you ever traveled on an NMH study abroad trip before? *
If Yes, please answer the next question.
When and where did you participate on an NMH Study Abroad trip?
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Studying abroad puts students in new and sometimes difficult or uncomfortable situations, and may challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions. *
On a scale of 1 (strongly agree) to 6 (strongly disagree), please rate how you feel the following words/phrases portray you.
Flexible: able to adjust to new situations, easy-going, uncomplaining
Team player: consider needs of others, look out for and help others
Good people skills: friendly, get along well with peers, cheerful, positive 
Open-minded: curious, non-judgmental, respectful of other cultures
Mature: responsible, able to handle freedom, respectful of rules and authority
Hardworking: volunteer readily, follow through, dependable
Resourceful: have problem solving ability, enterprising, takes initiative
Self-disciplined: punctual, manage time well, organized
Understand and am knowledgeable of other cultures
You need approval and recommendations for your GEO application from several adults.

Please ask permission from your teachers, dorm faculty, and/or college counselor (guidance counselor for new incoming students) BEFORE listing their email addresses below.

Your parent's email address *
This email address should be for your primary/legal parent or guardian.
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Your advisor's email address *
This must be an address, unless you are a new NMH student in which case, please use the Other option and enter your guidance counselor's email address. PLEASE TYPE ONLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS, NOTHING ELSE.
A teaching faculty member's email address for a recommendation *
This must be an address, unless you are a new student, in which case please use the Other option. PLEASE TYPE ONLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS, NOTHING ELSE. If you are applying for a language immersion program, this should be your language teacher.
An adult who lives in your dorm's email address for a recommendation *
This person must be different from your advisor and an address, unless you will be a new NMH student in which case, please use the Other option. PLEASE TYPE ONLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS, NOTHING ELSE. Day and New Students: If you do not know the dorm staff well in the dorm you are currently affiliated with, or do not live in a dorm at your current school, you will need a second Teacher Recommendation (instead of a Dorm Faculty Recommendation). If this is the case, please choose "No Dorm Faculty" here and contact with the name and email address of the teacher who will complete your second teacher recommendation form.
Your college/guidance counselor's email address for a recommendation *
Rising seniors must also attain a college counselor recommendation. This must be an address. If you are a new incoming student, you must enter the email address of your previous school's college counselor (if applicable). Please use the "Other" option AND TYPE ONLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS.
Travel Grant Request
Will you be requesting a Travel Grant? *
Please note that travel grants are partial and supplemental, and will not be able to cover the full cost of the program. Also, students are only awarded one grant for participation in a travel program over the entire course of their time at NMH. If you have previously participated in a travel program and was awarded a travel grant at that time, you will not be eligible to receive another travel grant. If this scenario applies to you or if you will not be needing a travel grant, please check the "no" choice below.
Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
Do you have any allergies? *
If yes, please list them below: *
If you don't have any allergies, please enter "NONE"
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Do you have any dietary restrictions and/or preferences? *
For example: vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, etc.
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If you don't have any dietary restrictions and/or preferences, please enter "NONE"
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What's Next?
After you submit this form, the people you specified will be contacted automatically and asked to complete an approval and/or recommendation form on your behalf.
I have read, understand and agree to the expectations, conditions and terms of participating in a study abroad program. The terms are available here: *
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