College Counseling Family Response Form
The purpose of this form is to help us get to know your student better and to learn about your thoughts regarding your student's college search. We will use this information as we are getting to know your student and as we write recommendations next fall.
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List the four or five most pertinent events or circumstances that have shaped your student's personal or family history.
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List any special academic programs your student has participated in, any notable academic achievements, or any academic difficulties your student has experienced.
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List your student's four or five most important non-academic interests and experiences. Please include descriptions and details that show commitment, growth, success, and/or leadership.
Additional information
Please feel free to add anything else you think we should know or that we should mention in your student's recommendation. We would particularly welcome any comments about strengths, weaknesses, needs, or developmental history that you feel are important.
Desired College Characteristics
Please indicate the characteristics you believe would suit the needs of your student.

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Siblings' secondary and post-secondary education (college, degree earned).
Please list any institutions where your family may have influential contacts, and explain the relationship(s).
If there are specific colleges you have in mind for your student, please list them and tell us why you think they are appropriate choices.
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