Camden Fruit Tree Application: 2017
FREE fruit trees are available in Camden through the NJ Tree Foundation. Request a tree for your garden today! CAMDEN locations only, please.

Applications are due by February 28th, 2017. The trees will be 4-6' tall when you pick them up. You must plant, care for, and harvest your own trees. The NJ Tree Foundation will provide the trees, planting instructions, and care instructions. Trees will be available in several varieties and will be semi-dwarfing or standard in size (more info on that later!).

Fruit trees require care, water, space, and sunlight. Please make sure you have a 15' x 15' space available per tree, 6-8 hours of sun in the location, a reliable watering source, and the time to care for the tree(s).

Preference will be given to members of the Camden City Garden Club.

Questions? Call or text Jessica of the NJ Tree Foundation at (856) 287-4488 or email

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Will you pick up the tree(s) and plant them with instructions from the NJ Tree Foundation? The trees will be 4-6' tall and will likely require a truck or SUV.
Will you care for the tree(s) by watering them weekly, removing weeds, tending to them regularly, and harvesting fruit?
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Thank you for applying! You'll hear from us soon.
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