The General Physics Permit is to be used for registration errors due to missing prerequisites, field of study errors, honors cohort errors, major, year or other errors. USE THIS FORM FOR A GENERAL PHYSICS PERMIT ONLY.

Use this permit form for taking courses at NJIT only.
If you want to take a course at another college over the summer, you must complete an Approval for UG Courses at Other Colleges form which can be found at:

DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR A CLOSED COURSE PERMIT as it will not get processed.
Closed course permits will be available through the Physics Department once the Highlander Pipeline wait list is turned off by the Registrar which will be 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

For more information, please see General Physics Permits on the Physics website.

Course assignments may change at the discretion of the Physics Chairperson.

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An email will be sent to notify you when the permit has been issued. Allow 2-3 business days (not including weekends).
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Do not use this form for a Closed Course Permit as it will NOT get processed.
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Note: Lab must be taken concurrently with PHYS102, PHYS103, PHYS111, PHYS121. You do NOT need to repeat the lab if you took it in another semester and passed it with a C and above.
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What type of error message are you receiving? (example: College Restriction, Major, Honors Cohort, Field of Study).
For College Restriction, Major, Honors Cohort, and Field of Study, the student MUST provide a specific Section Number or CRN.
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