NISH Research Proposal Submission
Any research study done at NISH will have to be submitted first to the Review Authority for Research (RAR) beforehand and the team will review the same and suggest modifications or corrections as required. The final approval is required before start of the study.

Research reports are to be written in APA style. The following outline is consistent with the rules of writing established in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: 6th edition.

Allow at least 4 weeks time to get the proposal approved at NISH and so plan accordingly. Submitting information correctly the first time itself can speed up the process. So prepare your proposal with aim, hypothesis, method etc. Have the correct consent form written up in English and Malayalam (if applicable).

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The title should convey the topic that is being studied.
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Abstract *
A brief summary of the study. It includes statements about the problem, method, results and conclusions. Usually, an abstract is between 100-175 words.
Introduction *
This section is the beginning of the research report. Start the introduction with a statement of the research problem. Then cite the relevant research. The literature review provides a context and rationale for the hypothesis that is under investigation. Mainly cite primary sources.
Method *
A description of how the study is going to be carried out. This section must be written with enough details to permit replication. It requires the following sections: a.Participants b.Materials c.Procedure
References *
Appendix *
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