NISD Fine Arts Summer Camp


* Please fill out this form for the opportunity for your child to attend Summer Fine Arts Camp
* No cost to you; instruction and supplies are provided by NISD
* All registration is by computer on this form; FIRST COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS
* Confirmation of your reserved space will be sent to your email
* Students who have completed Kinder, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade this school-year may sign up for art camp for one or two weeks
* Students who have completed 4th or 5th grade may sign up for one week of musical theater camp and one week of art camp
* Parents are responsible for transportation to and from this camp
* 4th and 5th grade are expected to attend BOTH weeks
*** Important*** 1 form per student. If you wish to sign up multiple students there will be a link after you submit the form to sign up another student


    Camp information 2014 (Please check Week 1, Week 2, or BOTH week 1 and week 2)
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