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We know how to grow! In addition to all the basic services of a Multichannel Network,
Ninetone can give you:

- The best business lawyers and advisors in music and entertainment, all working for you.

- Fan meetings. With our experience as tour producers, booking agents and event managers, we ensure that you get to meet your fans in real life!

- Free Access to Ninetones huge music catalog of real music by real artists (not canned music) We whitelist our music for you to use on your channels. New releases every month, so you can use exclusive content in your videos! It´s yours to play with!

- Ninetone Group is a Youtube Certified Company meaning we have exclusive access to powerful tools for managing digital rights, strikes, Content-ID and more on the Youtube platform. Being a YT certified company, also means we have certified professionals that can help you grow your audience, boost your revenue and make sure your channel is in good standing.


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