Nine Mile Run Watershed Forest Master Plan: Resident Survey
The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association will collect input to inform our Watershed Forest Master Plan. You can read more about the plan at Any contact information you provide will be kept confidential.
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How many trees are at your residence? *
Have you participated in any tree-related activities at your residence or elsewhere in the last year? *
Who do you consult for guidance on tree maintenance? *
Select your municipality *
In your municipality, who is responsible for street tree maintenance? * *
* A street tree is a tree that exists in the public right-of-way, next to the street
Please indicate how valuable trees are to you for each of the following by checking the appropriate box *
1 (no value)
3 (somewhat valuable)
5 (very valuable)
Increasing property values
Increase business sales
Improving human health
Reducing crime rates
Improving air quality
Improving water quality
Reducing stormwater runoff
Reducing home energy use
Providing shade
Aesthetic quality/beauty
Supporting wildlife
Please indicate how important these tree-related issues are in your neighborhood by checking the appropriate box: *
1 (unimportant)
3 (somewhat important)
5 (very important)
Falling branches, leaves, sap
Sidewalk lift/cracking
Lack of trees/tree canopy
Trash in tree pits
Tree vandalism
Lack of tree species diversity
Poor tree health
Roots in underground pipes
Invasive insects or disease
Electrical power line conflicts
If you have a tree-related issue that was not listed above, please write in your response below:
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What does your neighborhood need most? *
Where do you think more trees should be planted? *
How would you like to participate in tree-related activities in the community? *
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What is your age group?
Do you rent or own?
Is there a special tree on your property or in your neighborhood? If so, tell us a brief story about it!
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Would you like to be included in future tree activities or tree giveaways?
If you answered yes to the last question, please provide your name & phone number below:
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If you are interested specifically in a tree giveaway, please indicate the tree type(s) you would most prefer:
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