NBHS Scholarship Application
Seniors should complete the following to be considered for any of the scholarships awarded this year. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 11th for the 2017-18 school year.
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How many semesters were you an active member in NBHS? *
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If you did hold an office position, which office position did you hold? *Check all that apply.
If you did hold an office position, for how many semesters were you an officer?
Four Pillars of NBHS
Please comment on your ability to uphold the Four Pillars of NBHS. Visit www.nicoletnbhs.com to view the descriptions.
Academics *
Write about your successes academically with a specific focus on your successes in business courses. Referencing a project or an assignment and describing the impact it had on you would be ideal.
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Character *
Write about your character in general and how you have developed your character by taking business courses.
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Leadership *
Write about how you have demonstrated leadership in specific relation to NBHS events and activities.
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Service *
Write about the service you have done for your community with a focus on the service you have completed for NBHS.
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After Nicolet High School... *
What are your plans after Nicolet High School and what would you use the scholarship money for?
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Please use the space below to tell us why you deserve this and also include anything else we should consider when reviewing your application:
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