Student Assistant Application- 2013-2014 Academic Year

    Student Assistant Job Description

    Student Assistant/Desk Assistant Housing & Residence Life at Nicholls State University strives to offer residential students a living environment which supports their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development and contributes to their academic and personal success. “Learning” is the core of the residential experience, and an emphasis on learning outcomes and the establishment of defined learning communities within the residential facilities guides the current and future structure and work within Housing & Residence Life. All members of the student staff must be committed to student learning as the purpose of our work. As part of this staff, the Student Assistant (SA) is expected to serve as a role model for students within the residential community and across the campus. The SA typically provides the first impression of the residential community. The SA greets and assists both residents and visitors, documents and maintains records of activity within the housing facility, and ensures the facility is welcoming, secure, and clean. The responsibilities expected of a SA include, but are not exhaustively limited to, the following: Desk Service  Monitors individuals and groups who enter and exit the residence hall.  Confirms resident status, verifies identification, and secures IDs of visitors and hosts.  Ensures all guests are registered accurately, completely, and consistently.  Maintains all guest registration materials and duty logs in an accurate and confidential manner.  Does not permit an individual who does not reside in the specific residence hall to move beyond the front desk without being properly registered and escorted by the host of record.  Answers the telephone promptly and courteously.  Keeps the front desk organized, neat, and clean.  Assists residents in using the on-line maintenance request to report maintenance needs in their rooms and/or common areas.  Checks out game equipment and vacuum cleaners to residents and secures IDs until equipment is returned.  Documents any damage to any equipment when equipment is returned, including the name of the resident who checked out the equipment.  Is consistently attentive to the surroundings, including pedestrian traffic, conversations, and individual and group actions.  Reports any unusual or suspicious individuals and/or activity in or around the residence hall.  Ensures the volume of conversation, music, and/or other sound in common areas is maintained at a reasonable level.  Intervenes to stop inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior.  Receives, records, and secures all items turned in as “lost & found”. Reports such items to Housing & Residence Life.  Reports any maintenance needs noted in the common areas and/or in other areas of the residence hall. Assistance to Residents & Guests  Consistently acknowledges and greets each resident and visitor in a respectful and courteous manner.  Attempts to contact residents when a guest arrives, as needed.  Knows the names and contact information of all Head Residents and Resident Assistants in the residence halls and apartments.  Is aware of which RAs and/or HR are present and available in the facility at all times while the SA is working.  Is aware of the names and contact information for “on duty” hall staff in all housing facilities while the SA is working.  Is able to respond to inquiries and requests for assistance from residents, guests, and visitors.  Is knowledgeable about academic and student services and is able to share information with residents.  Is familiar with and is able to provide directions to locations on the Nicholls State University campus. Resource and Referral  Knows the names and contact information for the hall staff member on duty in all housing facilities when the SA is working.  Is knowledgeable about all areas of the residence halls and apartments and capable of providing accurate directions to all areas.  Is aware of all activities scheduled in the residence hall and encourages residents to participate.  Is knowledgeable of and adheres to all residential and University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and is able to clearly articulate this information to others.  Provides contact information for student resources and services (i.e., health and counseling services, tutoring services, computing services, etc.) Administrative  Maintains a comprehensive duty log of all activities occurring during work shift.  Remains at the desk during the entire work shift.  Ensures all resident information is kept confidential and out of the view of others.  Assists in response to emergency situations as outlined in Housing & Residence Life protocols (i.e., calling for emergency assistance, building evacuation, securing areas, etc.)  Assists housing staff in evacuating facility during alarms and/or emergencies. Initiates and completes evacuation process in the absence of housing staff.  Reports possible violations of residential and/or University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to the hall staff, including reports made by residents.  Assists in checking residents in and out of the residence hall in the event of an University mandated closing.  Assists in following up with residents regarding housing or other University business (i.e., securing resident preference forms, surveys, other information and/or documents, etc.)  Attends and participates in all training and in-service activities and programs.  Attends and participates in all staff meetings.  Electronically records all hours worked at the time the hours are worked. Completes and submits all electronic entry of hours by established deadlines. The Student Assistant reports to the Associate Director of Housing & Residence Life who may delegate day-to-day oversight to the Head Resident or other individual. Compensation for the Student Assistant is $7.25 per hour. Work hours may include day and evening shifts as well as partial or full overnight shifts, as needed. SAs may be occasionally scheduled to work on weekends as well as during the week. Student Assistants are required to live in campus housing. The Student Assistant appointment is an “at will” position. As such, the University and the Student Assistant have the option to terminate the employment with or without cause and with or without notice. The SA must be enrolled as a full-time student (usually defined as a minimum of 12 hours unless the SA’s academic adviser provides written verification that fewer than 12 hours is considered full-time enrollment for the specific SA). The Student Assistant must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average during the term of appointment. Candidates initially applying for the position must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to be considered for appointment to the position. The SA must be and remain in good academic and conduct standings with the University to be appointed and to remain in the position. Student Assistants must be available at least one weekend per month.