eXoOutsider Glitch Submissions
Hello everyone, thank you for showing interest in submitting a video clip for me to share on my channel! This submission form is meant for glitches done by the gaming community.
What's the link to your glitch video(s)? *
(Please input the link of your uploaded video or videos here. If via YouTube, remember to list the video as PUBLIC or UNLISTED! Submit multiple videos by separating each link with enter.)
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(If your clip is used in one of my montages, what would you like to be referred to as when credit is mentioned or displayed?)
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Is the video provided raw footage? As in no text, watermarks, or other obstructions?
(The raw, unedited video is preferred. Clips with watermarks may be rejected.)
Do you certify that myself, eXoOutsider, has full permission to edit or alter as well as re-upload your video royalty-free on any of my channels.
(Uploaders will be credited via text, commentary or the description of any videos with their clips being used.)
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