Google Apps Best Practices Audit Form
Quick form to check your willingness to to have New Visions perform an audit of your Google Apps security settings.
School Name *
Would you like New Visions to provide a security audit for your school? *
Generic systems admin email address: *
In order for us to view all domain settings, this must be a Google Apps "super administrator" account
Generic system admin password: *
While it is normally not advisable to provide secure email/password info via form, this is a New Visions-owned and managed process. If uncomfortable providing password via form, please email or call 212-645-5110.
As a part of the domain audit, New Visions will also be adding your school's domain to the New Visions Google Apps Reseller's Console, in order to provide advanced usage reports to the school. *
Addition to NV's Reseller's Console is required for a domain audit. Please confirm below to acknowledge that your school understands this requirement. Even though the school is under this "Reseller's Console", the school will have the option of unlinking itself from this at any time.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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