Mannes Prep Application
- Students are admitted after passing a faculty audition and a music theory placement test.
- The Prep office will contact applicants who have completed the online application and paid the application fee several weeks before the audition dates to schedule a specific audition date and time.
- Current Prep students should not use this application to re-register. If you are a current student, please email for registration information.
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The Program for the Very Young, Junior, Pre-Senior & Senior Programs include the major instrument lesson, music theory/ear training, and a large ensemble/group.
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Electives include composition, conducting, music history, chamber music, jazz ensemble, brass ensemble, flute ensemble, secondary lessons, etc.
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If no specific teacher is requested, a teacher will be assigned by the school.
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Application Fee
After clicking 'submit' below, you will be provided with a link where you can pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. Applications received without the fee will not be processed.
If you received a special code at a recruitment event, please enter it here.
Auditions, Policies, and Guidelines
/ Audition Information /
The audition process lasts approximately one hour and includes:
- an audition on the student's major instrument (requirements are listed below) and an opportunity for students and parents to meet members of -the administration and faculty.
- a music theory and ear-training placement test.

/ Audition Requirements /
- Strings, Guitar, Woodwinds, Brass, Piano: Two contrasting pieces & 1 major and 1 minor scale. Accompaniment is neither required, nor expected.
- Voice: Two contrasting songs, one of which should be in English. An accompanist will be provided.
- Composition: Please bring two scores of pieces you have written. Recordings of compositions are encouraged but not required.
- Complete beginners on any instrument: The "audition" will be an interview. No prepared performance is required.

/ Notification /
- Students will be notified of admission decisions via email within three weeks of the audition.

/ Financial Aid /
- Financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated need. To apply for financial aid, please complete the form available online at (Click on "Apply" and then "Financial Aid"). Students applying for financial aid MUST submit the Financial Aid Form via mail by the application deadline listed at the top of this application.

/ Tuition Payment /
- Once enrolled, tuition must be paid in full, or a payment plan set up, by the required deadline prior to the start of classes and lessons.

/ Withdrawal Policy /
- If a student withdraws from the program, parents must give written notice to the Prep Division, indicating the reason for the withdrawal. This should be emailed to
- Until this withdrawal notification is received in writing, tuition charges remain in effect and parents will be billed for the full fee.
- If notification is received before the student’s first week of class attendance, the student is responsible only for the non-refundable $500 deposit. No further tuition is charged.
- After the semester begins, upon the Division’s receipt of written notice of withdrawal, tuition refunds will be made according to a refund schedule set by the Registrar's Office; email the Prep Office for full information.

/ Absence Policy /
- There are no refunds for student absences. If a teacher is absent from a private lesson or class, the lesson or class will be made up.
- Teachers are not required to make up lessons or classes missed by students. However, at the discretion of the instructor, one private lesson may be made up during each semester, provided that notice of the absence has been given at least one day before the scheduled lesson.
- If a student cancels a make-up lesson, it will not be re-scheduled; the lesson is considered to be made up.
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