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Please fill out this form completely and accurately at least one week prior to the student's workshop date. If you need to make a change or cancellation at a later date please contact the Prep Office at Thanks!

Students are required to attend the entire workshop which they participate in. Please only sign up for a date on which the student can commit to the full hour of the event, either 1-2 PM or 2-3 PM.

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Alla Milchtein & Vladimir Rumyantsev are the official accompanists for Prep and are available to play for Saturday workshops and recitals. - - - - - -**You must make DIRECT arrangements with ALL accompanists (including Alla & Vladimir) for *THURSDAY* workshops & recitals.**- - - - - -
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Please note you must signup for a recital one week in advance. Workshop participants are NOT automatically signed up for recitals.
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The maximum time for workshops is 12 minutes of music, in order to give all students a chance to perform.
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