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Official ASTEP Chapter Application
Before proceeding, please review the following requirements for establishing an ASTEP Community Chapter. Please feel free to contact ASTEP's National Chapter Committee ( with any questions or concerns at any point during the application process.


1. Complete the application below.

2. Bring the arts to their community at least once (1) this year.

- ASTEP's mission is to provide art opportunities to communities which lack accessible arts programming. Your ASTEP Chapter is tasked to develop at least one program involving the arts in some way (music, dance, drama, literature, film, visual arts, etc.) and positively impact your community (more than just producing a show and selling tickets to it). This includes but is not limited to: hosting a talkback or panel discussion, fundraising for a cause in the lobby, organizing special performances for underserved audiences, performing at an elderly care facility, teaching after-school arts classes, etc.

3. Document your project/event -- either on video, in photos or in writing -- and send the media over to

- This doesn’t have to be laborious – 1 or 2 photos, one brief paragraph or a one-minute long video capture will suffice. If ASTEP doesn’t receive any documentation from your ASTEP Chapter, however, proper credit for it can’t be rewarded. Please note: this is easiest when prepared for, as one often forgets to turn on one’s camera in the heat of executing a community arts project.

4. Submit all promotional material that includes reference to Artists Striving to End Poverty to Davinia Troughton at for prior approval.

- This doesn’t include material that solely lists their chapter, ASTEP@____, as host. If, however, a Chapter is found referencing ASTEP at-large in PR materials (flyers, posters, Facebook events, etc.) without having been granted permission, their status as a member of the ALN can be revoked and their chapter dissolved.

5. As an ASTEP Chapter Leader, one’s conduct and behavior will reflect upon ASTEP, one’s community, and oneself. ASTEP reserves the right to revoke a chapter’s membership if the chapter engages in any illicit behavior. Any chapter found to have violated the law and/or one’s individual school policy (if applicable) will be subject to termination.

Once your Chapter has been approved:

• Access to a diverse community of over a hundred young leaders in the arts

• An invitation to join the exclusive ASTEP Leaders Network Facebook Group and ASTEP Chapter Leaders Facebook Group

• Video conferences organized by your peers with the support of the ASTEP Staff

• A comprehensive ALN Resource Guide, filled with helpful advice from ASTEP, as well as games, activities and tips

• Unlimited communication with ASTEP's National Chapter Committee members, offering real-time support over the phone, on video chat, or in-person

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