PDC with Josh Gomez, 9 days, UK-certified

This will be the shortest (9 days) and more affordable ( minimum contribution 100 Leaves for local participants and 150 Leaves for participants from abroad) uk-certified PDC in Portugal ever! A 72h curriculum mostly URBAN With OPTIONAL EXTRA PRACTICAL SESSIONS; a great opportunity facilitated by JOSH GOMEZ and organized by associação transdisciplinar NEW Loops.

Permaculture is a design system that encompasses a set of techniques and tools, based fundamentally on 3 ethics: Earth care, People care and Fair share. The concept was developed in the mid 70s by Bill Mollinson and David Holmgren as an alternative to the increasingly devastating industrial agriculture and to the insatiable consumer society. Permaculture Design seeks to reintegrate the human being into the Ecosystem by mimicking natural systems in order to change the paradigm from severe ecological footprint to regenerative proactivity.

"Work with rather than against Nature".

Who is it for?
This course is open to all people and often attended by those in transition to a new life.
It provides all the relevant knowledge and experience for anyone wanting to be a permaculture designer or simply wanting to step further into permaculture in their own lives. Throughout the course there will be combination of both theory & practical sessions.

When and where will it take place?
The course will run for 9 Days from the 10th till the 18th of April 2017 at Farpa Lab, 2nd floor Faro Municipal Market with one day practical survey and swale making in Ludo; in addition there is the possibility for optional “countryside” practical sessions in the surrounding area, if you are interested in this extra practical days please let us know in advance.

Is it required to have previous experience?
No, but we recommend some previous contact with permaculture.

Which types of learning will be used?
We use a wide range of teaching methods, including:
- digital presentations
- practical activities
- discussion/constructive debate
- games
- whiteboard sessions
- videos
- observation exercises
- guided walks
- working in groups

Who is the course certificated by?
The course is accredited by the UK Permaculture association. This internationally recognised certificate will be awarded on completion of the whole course including a two day design workshop and finishing with a presentation of designs in which participants will illustrate what they have learnt.

What is the course content?
The course is based on an international syllabus covering:
- Permaculture ethics
- Approaches to design
- Guiding Principles of Permaculture
- Biodiversity
- Learning and Study strategies
- Pattern in Design
- Wilderness and wildlife
Cultivated Ecology
- Permanent Pasture
- Forest Gardens
- Horticultural techniques
- No-till cultivation
- Biological pest control
- Strategies for different Climates
- Microclimates
Buildings and Structures
- Urban Permaculture
- Appropriate technology
- Waste reduction
- The home and workplace
- Energy efficient planning
- Waste recycling and disposal
- What is Living Soil?
- Soil regeneration techniques and Soil Conservation
Water in Landscape
- What is Living Water?
- Water conservation, collection and storage
- Wastewater and sewage treatment
- Aquaculture
Forests and Trees
- Energy transactions of trees
- Woodland establishment
- Types of forest
- Woodland management
Invisible Structures
- Real Wealth
- Land access
- Formal/informal economy
- Community development strategies
Design Workshop
- Design process and Presentation Skills
- Maps and Overlays
- Surveying
- Project Planning

Who is teaching?
Josh Gomez
- began studying Permaculture in 2005 when he attended an introductory course in Cornwall, UK.
- In April 2009 he organised and attended a PDC in central Portugal taught by Lesley Martin.
- He has been creating designs for many different sites in Portugal and the UK.
- Whilst studying for the Permaculture diploma, he assisted in facilitating various Permaculture courses with different teachers and learnt many approaches, techniques and exercises.
- His previous experience of working with adults and children in performing and teaching circus skills make the course as informative, enriching and supportive as possible.
- He accredited for the UK permaculture diploma in 2011 and is now offering introduction courses and full certificated PDCs.
- You can see more information about previous courses on the site:www.nurturingournature.blogspot.com
- There you can also see a portfolio of design work and information about his farm in Foz da Cova in the Serra of central Portugal.

What accommodation is available?
Accommodation will not be offered for this course, nevertheless if you need accomodation we suggest this sweet and affordable hostel: https://www.facebook.com/MadalenahostelAlgarve/
If you need accomodation and would like us to help you find it, please contact us.

What is the daily start/finish times of this course?
Classes sessions will run from 10h till 19h with 1 hour lunch break and other short breaks throughout the day. The practical sessions will be confirmed during the course.

What about food?
To keep the costs low during this course, participants are encouraged to bring food to share. Also this way we all have very interesting lunches.
If you prefer we have a partnership with a very good vegetarian restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/outrolado6/

What is the cost of the course?
- The minimum contribution for the course is 100 leaves for Local participants and 150 leaves for participants from abroad. If you are able to afford a higher financial contribution this would allow us to create a grant sytem to cover the participation of people with financial obstacles.
- We require a 50€ non-refundable deposit to secure your inscription till the 1st of April 2017.

In what language will it be taught?
Mainly in English, so it will be necessary to have at least a basic level in this language, but the teachers also know Portuguese and can translate any difficult words or concepts.
All hand-outs will be distributed in digital form (which have supporting information), presentations (which contain a large amount of the course material) and other information after the course, also in English.

In order to register and secure your place in the course, we ask you to fill out the google form below and make a bank tranfer with 50% ot the total value to NEW Loops and send us back by email the confirmation receipt till the 1st of April 2017. The second 50% should then be paid till the beginning of the course.


If you have any questions please send us an email (info@newloops.org) or call us to: 913355223

Bank transfer details:

Crédito Agrícola: CA
Associação Transdisciplinar NEW Loops
IBAN: PT50004572224027258158424
Email: info@newloops.org

*This course will only happen with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 20; in case you make a depposit and do not attend the course we cannot ensure a refund of the total amount unless you let us know at least one week previously to the start of the course.

Who are we?
N.E.W. LOOPS (Nutrients, Energy and Water Loops) Transdisciplinary Association aims to serve as a lever for necessary changes in our society, towards a more natural, efficient, sustainable and happy way of life. Particularly with regard to the interaction between people and nature; To achieve this goal, N.E.W. LOOPS proposes to: Develop transdisciplinary research, environmental and ecological engineering projects; Work on an integrated education platform, using mixed types of education, combining formal and non-formal education; To develop art and social theater as tools to raise awareness, stimulate creativity and innovation; Contributing to active citizenship; Organize courses and events; Develop, participate and coordinate national and international projects. www.newloops.org
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