GBF Scholarship Application - Due March 1
The GBF Scholarship fund was created to honor the deceased uncle of former Head of School, Mr. Stephen Steiner, who experienced a lifetime of debilitating physical hardships but sought to use his God-given gifts to serve others. This scholarship benefits select New Hope graduates who aspire to pursue their dreams of a college education. The Scholarship is administered through the Hope Christian Community Foundation by the GBF Scholarship committee. All contributions to the GBF Scholarship fund are tax-deductible.
Please complete this form by March 1st of your senior year. To be considered, all supporting documentation must be received via email ( by March 1st. Supporting documentation includes: 1) Copy of official high school transcript, and 2) Copy of official letter of acceptance to the college you plan to attend
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Class Rank (please list rank, if applicable, and total number of students in your senior class)
Plese list academic honors/awards, activities/sports, and volunteer/work experience while in high school. *
SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: We desire that the students at New Hope not only gain knowledge but wisdom (Proverbs 4:7) that equips them to be culturally relevant and engaged in advancing the Kingdom of Christ. New Hope Christian Academy has 3 "Core Works" of Teaching, Learning and Discipleship. Please answer the following 3 questions. If you prefer, you may type your responses in a separate document and email to with your supporting documents.
It has been a tradition for the GBF Scholarship recipient(s) to speak at 6th Grade Graduation and share some of the reflections included in these three questions. If selected, would you be willing to speak at 6th Grade Graduation? *
1) TEACHING: How has the faculty at New Hope Christian Academy impacted your educational career? What is an example of something you were taught in the classroom that you still remember today?
Please use at least 150 words.
2) LEARNING: What is an experience connected to New Hope that has taught you a life-long lesson?
Please use at least 150 words.
3) DISCIPLESHIP: How has your faith been stretched and strengthened throughout elementary, middle, and high school?
Please use at least 150 words.
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