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Textbook references are to Larson 11th ed.

AP review references are to D&S 9th ed.

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Info for this week (10/26-10/30)

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Due Date

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Unit 2 hw #4 - section 5.6

Wednesday 10/28 4:30p

Collected at end of chapter

Watch - L'Hopital's Rule

Wednesday 10/28 4:30p


tba - Euler’s method

Friday 10/30 4:30p

Collected at end of chapter

Watch - Euler's Method

Friday 10/30 4:30p


This week we will be…

  • Exploring the deep theory behind limits
  • Learning a new trick to work with differential equations

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Calculus AB page

Important info!

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Unit 1: calculus in alternate coordinate systems

Assignments - 10.2 and 10.3 problems

Practice test

notes 10.2 graphing parametric equations, desmos sample1, sample2 - video

notes 10.3 (part 1) derivatives of parametric functions - video

notes 10.3 (part 2) integrals of parametric functions

notes 10.4 (part 1) graphing polar functions, desmos sample 1, sample2

notes 10.4 (part 2) derivatives of polar functions

notes 10.5 integrals of polar functions

notes 12.3 vector-valued functions and physics

Scratch project!

practice test solutions, quiz solutions

Unit 2: advanced methods for integrals and limits


Practice test, practice test solutions

notes 8.2: integration by parts

notes 8.4: integration by trig. substitution

notes 8.8: improper integrals

notes 8.5: integration by partial fractions

notes 4.2: integrals as infinite sums

notes 1.2: delta-epsilon proofs of limits

notes 5.6: L’Hopital’s rule for limits

notes 7.3: volume: the shell method

notes: Euler’s method