JANUARY 16, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Follow us on Twitter – @MUCCPride.


Intramurals - Tues @ 12:40 8 vs 10 and 7 vs 9, Wed @ 12:40 11 vs 13, Thurs @ 12:30 17 vs 19 @ 12:45 15 vs 16 and 14 vs 18, Fri @ 12:30 16 vs 18 @ 12:45 14 vs 17 and 15 vs 19.


JUNIOR DRAMA - Fridays after school.  Same time and same place - just a new day of the week.

Free Throw Championship - boys and girls ages 9-14.  Sponsored by Knights of Columbus.  Sunday, January 22nd 3:30-5:30 pm.  Located at the Kerry Vickar Centre.



Football Players - Sunday workouts being this Sunday (Jan 15th) at 7:30 pm.  This is an opportunity to improve our athleticism during the off season.  Be there.

U of S Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Information Session -  Monday, January 16th.  3:30-4:30

Room #2 Cumberland College


SADD is selling Hot Chocolate in the Main Foyers during lunch  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  $2 a cup!

ARCHERS - want to sell your NASP bow??  Maude Burke School has students looking to purchase bows.  Stop by the school or call them and they will put a poster up in the gym advertising your bow.

FOUND in boys change room - basketball shorts with Ventolin in the pocket.  Please pick up in the main office.

MORNING GYM USERS!!!!  When the whistle blows, please put YOUR OWN equipment away IN the equipment room.

DRIVER EDUCATION GROUP 3 LAST CLASS OF THE YEAR - start the class on Jan 16, 2017 after school.  This will be the last class so if anyone has not gotten their MYSGI account set up yet they need to do so ASAP.  Class list and dates are posted.


FINAL ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE FOR JANUARY - Jan. 25 - Period 1-am; Period 5 - pm; Jan. 26 - Period 3 - am; Period 4- pm; Jan. 27 - Period 2 - am.



HALLWAYS - Ms. Danberg, Mrs. Carruthers, Mr. CarlsonComet Tale.png

 NOON HOURS - Halls- Danberg, Gord Gray ;  Cafeteria - Sorestad; Study Hall - Rolles ; Gym - Mr. Froehlichl; Keystone - Mr. Dyck