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Our mentorship program is designed to help students establish meaningful connections to other individuals within the field. Through our mentor program Prime connects smart, talented and supportive professionals and students together from the local tech community. This time will be spent meeting with your mentorship group which are made up of small groups of working professionals, and students. The small groups allow for multiple experiences and perspectives to be shared in a community based setting.

As a mentor, you're committing to:

1) Attend an orientation with your mentorship group at the beginning of their studies. This kick-off meeting will be held at Prime Digital Academy.

2) Attend six mentorship group meet-ups. These 1 hour meet-ups will be flexibly scheduled every two weeks over three months. If your group hits it off and wants to keep meeting that's great, but we're only asking you to commit to these.

3) (UX Mentors only) Participate in two portfolio reviews: one for a student in your group, and one for a student in another group. Participate in one solo project critique.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us with any questions!
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