Office of Student Leadership Development Alternative Spring Break Faculty/Staff Advisor Application

Student Leadership Development is looking forward to yet another fun and exciting year full of active citizenship and education on many of the social justice issues facing our world today. This year we are excited about the opportunity to host trips that involve a variety of new issues including food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, immigration and environmental issues. The trips this year include the following sites:

Appalachian Mountains, Harlan County, Kentucky
Alternative Spring Break in Kentucky will provide exposure to the Appalachian area, its people and its culture. Topics will include coal mining, mountaintop removal, the sustainable development activities the area is engaging in, and local social issues (homelessness, drug abuse, elder care, flood relief, etc). There will also be an opportunity to visit with local residents, artists, and musicians. The trip leaves Sunday, March 16th and returns Saturday, March 22nd. All food and lodging is included. You will be expected to fundraise $100 to be used at the discretion of the group for a project benefiting the local community. For more information, visit:

Arizona/Mexico Border
Group will travel to Tuscon, AZ. There is space for 10 students. Each participant will be expected to fundraise $200 for the projects at the border. All transportation is provided once we arrive in Arizona. Trip leaves Sunday, March 16th and returns Friday March 21st. All meals and lodging are also provided. The group will stay at the BorderLinks dormitory with exception of one night when students stay with local host families. Some topics that will be covered are immigration, border control, the global market, sweat shops, and the relationship between Mexico and the United States. For more information you can check out the website under Delegations. You must be a US citizen or green card holder to participate.

East St. Louis, Illinois
The 10 selected students will travel to East St. Louis to stay at Hubbard House, an organization that provides housing, food and program support to the economically disadvantaged. The theme of the trip will revolve around food insecurity and homelessness. All meals and lodging will be provided, but each participant will be expected to fundraise $100 to be used at the discretion of the group for a project benefiting Hubbard House. You will be meeting with local community members, activists, agency directors and more. The trip will leave Monday, March 17th and return on Friday, March 21st. For more information, please visit:

Group will travel to San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala to participate in Community Collaboration’s Fair Trade Impact Exploration. Volunteers will work with fair trade farmers and artisans to explore the impact of fair trade policies and complete projects that benefit the communities. Each participant will be expected to raise $300 towards costs and projects. Trip will leave on Saturday March 15th and will return Saturday March 23rd. All lodging, transportation, meals and interpreter are provided. This trip requires a valid passport or appropriate travel documents (for non US citizens). For more information visit

We feel that these trips have the potential to be life-changing experiences. We also believe that all NEIU students and faculty/staff members deserve the opportunity to apply for these amazing trips.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a Faculty/Staff Leader, please note that the following will be expected of you leading up to, during and following the trips:
• Meet at least twice with the student group prior to the trip
• Meet individually with the Student Leader at least once and then as needed
• Help support and promote fundraising activities done by group
• Provide back up support to the Student Leader during the trip, while acknowledging that the Student Leader is the lead facilitator of the trip. The Faculty/Staff Leader is the support system and sounding board to the Student Leader. However, if a situation seems out of control or if the Student Leader cannot legally make a decision, the Faculty/Staff Leader is expected to step in.
• Be the official voice and representative of the University
• Drive rental vehicles if they are needed for the trip.
• Meet with Student Leadership Development staff for a post-trip interview

If you are interested, please complete the application below. All interested NEIU faculty/staff will be placed on list of approved names. Selection will be made by the Student Leaders, with support from Student Leadership Development.

All trip fees will be covered for the Faculty/Staff leader (e.g. meals, lodging). Any personal items and/or purchases will be covered by faculty/staff leader. All

If you have any questions, please direct them to Barbara Cosentino at

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