We fund all startups at a $1,000,000 valuation if they submit 100 customer interviews in 30 days.

IF you are here for practice or training not funding, use tihs form >

Have a ONE ON ONE / SYNCHRONOUS  conversation with 100 people who have the problem you want to solve.  Listen more than you talk. Do not mention your solution. Do not say the word "would." Do this 100 times in 50 days and submit the results below, and we ( @adamberk taking all the financial risk with friends adding support but they are not on the hook for any money) will invest UP TO $10,000 in your startup at a $1,000,000 valuation.

YOUR FIRST STEP IS FILLING OUT THIS FORM 10 times over the next ten days with ten interviews. Less than 10% of the people who read this are able to follow through! Your first round of funding will be no more than $1,000 to run your next experiment.

For more information about the funding https://www.gofundme.com/leanstartupfundingexperiments
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Testimonials and FAQ
"Serve Smart ‏@serve_smart  2h2 hours ago
@sechrest @adamberk @hubsea The #MilValChal is the single biggest driver of my startup's learning and growth right now."

Questions? Tweet @Deccelerator or @adamberk (but if you ask a question before you submit your first interview, the valuation dips by 20%+:)

If a mentor challenged you on twitter with hashtag #milvalchalmentor, you only have to do 75 interviews, but you have to submit your first one within 48 hours and your first 5 within a week.

(@christian... yes we added the one on one language after - but still plenty of cues that it had to be one on one ABSOLUTELY NO FOCUS GROUPS OR GROUP INTERVIEWS that's the whole fucking point of it otherwise it would be easy:)

@paywithchip good luck!

One of the experiments we funded
Enter your results here - good luck! READ AND REREAD ALL DIRECTIONS
What problem is your team solving? *
For whom are you solving this problem. *
How sure are you that this segment has the problem and wants it solved? *
A ten is reserved for the top ten known problems in the world that the world is actively trying to solve.
Still exploring
I am positive
How did you answer the same question on the last interview you submitted? *
A ten is reserved for the top ten known problems in the world that the world is actively trying to solve.
Still exploring
I was positive
What is the first name of person you just interviewed? *
Someone you reasonably believed had the problem above before you spoke to them.
Describe this person in detail in the context of the problem you are solving. *
How did you talk to this person *
What was the single most interesting thing you learned? *
What was the single most important thing you learned? *
What was the single most SURPRISING thing you learned? *
What else did you learn in the interview that is relevant?
Check all that apply *
What needs to happen in order to get this person to give you money or something of value in exchange for your solution? *
According to you - not according to them.
What do YOU NEED in order to make that happen? *
State the exact problem you are solving for THIS person. *
What is your email? *
Who is the best startup mentor you know? (or, who was the mentor that challenged you to accept?) *
I did not mention my solution during the conversation.
This interview was conducted within the last week
I will do no harm. I am not entitled to anything. I will not take advantage of this program or the mentors. I know that if I take advantage of the liberal nature of this program (funding for everyone) that I could jeopardize it for others.
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