Wood Chip Request Form

- Material delivered are wood chips, NOT twice ground mulch. Wood chip size and composition will vary from load to load.

- Wood chips are only available in full loads of 12 yards. While we have sometimes been able to split a load between gardens, we are no longer able to accommodate this request. If unused mulch is left in a pile, it often turns into good compost the following year.

- The delivery of your wood chips will be coordinated and scheduled based on availability. Typical delivery will occur within a two week time period. All efforts will be made to give garden contact a call prior to delivery however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Wood chips are provided courtesy of Bartlett Tree Experts. If your wood chip delivery is urgent, for example you have a workday scheduled and need wood chips for that day, please fill out the form immediately and then contact NeighborSpace at stewardship@neighbor-space.org  letting us know of your urgent time frame. We will do our best to prioritize your request. Please do not contact Bartlett directly.
I am aware that the wood chip delivery comes in approximately 12 cubic yard amounts. *
(There are approximately 9-14 wheelbarrows in 1 cubic yard, for your reference.)
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Provide as many details as possible as to location. Example: N,E,S,W intersection, parkway, back gate, etc. Please be aware that if wood chip delivery cannot happen in designated location due to gate not being wide enough for truck to back up, etc, wood chips will be dropped in another area of your garden, such as the parkway.
Garden Access Information *
i.e.- lock combination, location of keys
Do you require an onsite contact? *
Deliveries not requiring an on-site contact will be prioritized. Delivery is coordinated the moment wood chips become available. If you are unable to be reached to coordinate, Bartlett will move on to the next on the list.
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