HRS Technology Work Order
Please complete this form if your iPad is having tech issues. Or if you are having log in issues with Google, My HW, or another app/Needham account.
Have you tried any of these quick solutions before submitting this form?
•Have you hard-reset your ipad?
(hold down the power button and home button until you see the apple re-appear)
•Is you IOS up to date?
•Are all of you school apps up to date?
•Do you have enough storage space?

If you have tried the above solutions and your problem still persists, then continue to the form below.

First Name of Student *
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Last Name of Student *
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Cluster *
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Your Silver TAB Number
(On the back of your iPad) If you brought your own iPad: Type BYOD
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What is your problem? *
Please add any details you think are needed or helpful to resolve the issue.
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What is your on-sceen password? (if this is an iPad issue)
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Please include your name and an email/way to contact you.
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