2017 Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN) Student Pre-Application
This is the first step in submitting your PAN application. The information provided in this pre-application is not used for evaluation purposes.

A complete application requires submission of this form, a separate application form, plus two teacher recommendations.

Upon submission of this form, teachers will receive an email with instructions for submitting recommendations. Before you submit the pre-application, you should add mkilburn@nd.edu to your safe senders list and ask your teachers to as well. After you have submitted this form, you should check with your teachers the next day to ensure that they received an email with instructions for completing the recommendation. If not, have them check spam/junk folder and filters because this email is automatically generated. You will receive an email each time a teacher submits a recommendation on your behalf.

Recommended: Teachers in math/science, teachers who know you well, teachers who can give a very positive recommendation. If you are homeschooled, the parent who is your primary instructor can serve as one recommender. The second should be an adult instructor e.g. in sports, music, clubs, etc.

Applications must be complete (including recommendations) by March 31, 2017 by midnight Eastern Standard Time to be considered.

If you experience any problems with this application, please contact jinaout@nd.edu

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Teacher recommendations
Entering your teachers' emails below will immediately send them an email with instructions to complete a recommendation.

Please CHECK THAT EMAILS ARE CORRECT before submitting.

Due to spam filtering, you should ask your teachers to add mkilburn@nd.edu to their safe senders list BEFORE submitting and confirm with your teachers that they have received their emails.

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