Second 2016/2017 PBIS Student Survey CVS
After working on increasing levels of respect and kindness at CVS, we wanted to check back in with you and get your feedback about how you think we are doing.
What grade are you in? *
I enjoy school. *
What do you enjoy about school? *
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What would make school more enjoyable for you? *
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I feel safe at school *
I feel safe on the bus. *
I feel safe at recess and lunch. *
I feel teachers really care about students at Coventry Village School *
Teachers are respectful of students at CVS. *
Students behave respectfully toward teachers at CVS. *
What can we do to help students be more respectful of school and teachers? *
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Mr. Baughman is respectful of me and of others. *
Do you feel Mr. Baughman tries to make school a place students like to be? *
Do you feel the teachers try to make school a place students like to be? *
Everyone knows the rules at school. *
Students in my class follow the rules at school.
The consequences (warning, think spot, buddy room, office referral) for breaking rules are fair at school. *
The consequences for breaking rules help me stay on track and make good choices.
I like getting Pom Poms for being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn! *
Which of the following things help you behave in school? Check all that apply: *
Do you have any ideas about what we could do to help students behave?
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In general, I think my teachers try to make learning fun and interesting for me. *
I believe our school is a good place to learn. *
What kinds of learning activities in the classroom do you find the most engaging? Check all that apply.
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