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User notes and feedbackProject Coordinator Response/Updates
Issue TypeArea of issueIssue/Steps to RecreateReported ByDateStatusStatus DateNotes
Improvement or Change to existing FeaturePrerequisite Notes We need all notes (Notes to Participant Field), to download. Sometimes we can't see the details and need to be able to add the notes to be able to see what is applicable to that prerequisite. A separate document with the notes to download from the view instance>prerequisites>download notes would be good. Can this be added from the "View" side where we can currently download the prerequisites ?Tamara9/19/16Under review8/11/17We are pulling together prereq issues and working to schedule development
Improvement or Change to existing FeaturePrerequisitesNeed to be able to request resubmission after approval on the offchance we accidentally approve the wrong thing for prerequisites.Tamara11/3/16Not planned for development at this time8/11/17
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureCourse CategoriesCourse categories- is it possible to add "Diversity Training" and "Supervisor Training" to the list of available training categories?Erin Morant11/27/2016More information needed from customer8/11/17Waiting for Proj. Coordinator to respond
Improvement or Change to existing FeaturePrerequisite NotesNeed to be able to go back and add notes if we forget to add notes to a prerequisite that is submitted and approved.Tamara11/30/16Under review8/11/17We are pulling together prereq issues and working to schedule development
Error in systemNotificationI was unable to clear the prerequisite notification on my manage courses tab. Sent Screenshot to Lucy/CheriTamara12/15/16Under review8/11/17We are pulling together prereq issues and working to schedule development
Improvement or Change to existing FeaturePrerequisite ViewSo in the view instance tab, you can see all the approved prerequisites, but even for users who are no longer enrolled in that instance. It should only show prerequisites for those who are enrolled in the class, and not the ones not in the class anymore. Also still need to be able to view the notes we put in... The issue is we need to collect information about the prerequisites submitted that was written in on the notes and not have to go into each individual prerequisite history to look at the notes, as well as not have to filter out those who ended up being dropped from the course.Tamara1/10/17Under review8/11/17We are pulling together prereq issues and working to schedule development
New development/feature requestDiscount CodesAdd ability to limit overall times used for discount codes (a discount code can only be used 3 times but it doesnt matter who by). This way they can limit sponsorship packagesLucy/Eugene2/9/17Under review8/11/17Adding this has a farther reaching impact on the system. Need to review this impact and determine if this can be done
Error in systemEdit Instance > Additional Details Roster and Registration Reports > Detailed RosterDiscount codes are showing on the Instance Additional Details Roster and the Registration Reports Detailed Roster for some registrants but not others. Example in production: course ITRE-TRBPIn-AppsConf, Instance 000001. Both Joseph Huegy and Christopher Hiebert used the discount code COMMITTEE - that code is not showing on their registration on either roster. Others who used that same discount code are showing fine. Cheri/Joe3/7/17In development8/11/17Have not been able to determine a cause at this point. Please report any future sightings of this issue. Will continue to monitor
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureHelp DropdownAdd a link to the REPORTER help documentation under further assistance: https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/home/resources/help/Jenny/Jessie3/17/17In development8/11/17In Prod Issues Log - to be included in late August Release
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureMobile Pages > NelnetCustomers are having difficulty viewing and conducting credit card transactions on their mobile devices when on the Nelnet pages for credit card processing. Is there a way to improve this?Jenny/Jessie3/28/17In development8/11/17In development tab - assigned to Stevie
Error in systemRegistration for Sold Out CourseReference email 4/12/2017 between IES and AOE Business Office. Participant was able to register for course that was sold out. The payment transaction pressented itself in REPORTER as 'invalid order' because we had a payment for a course that was sold out I believe. REPORTER should not have accepted a payment process if the course was sold out. I matched the payment to the order and show it as paid, Nelnet Correction payment. Now IES will need to drop the participant so I can process the refund. Order #100009636, $800.Adalia A Sova4/12/17Under review8/11/17Mtg to review week of 6/19
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureQuestionnaire ResponsesAdd ability to export questionnaire responses by individualsLeslie Dare5/10/17Under review8/11/47Need to review with development team
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureCopy instanceWhen creating a copy of an instance, it would be nice if the "This instance requires an NC State Unity ID to register" setting is also copied. Leslie Dare5/30/17Not planned for development at this time10/9/18Determined to set this each time an instance is created.
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureCourse page -- list of instancesList does not show dates and times ex. (https://reporter.ncsu.edu/index.html) - would like to also see location if possibleLeslie Dare6/13/17Under review8/11/17In Prod Issues Log as of 6/13 - email sent to Leslie about adding to Instance Title due to space issues 6/23
Transaction Details Report8/16 - 8/16 - "Add a column entitled, "CCJE" so that I can enter an alpha-numeric code or "n/a" for deposits received from bank. This tells the Financial Admin that the funds were deposited if using REPORTER's MID or "n/a" meaning that they used their own MID (such as IES) or a check or other type of payment device was used other than online credit card and the funds went directly into their cash account versus REPORTER's cash clearing account.
Also, add a column entitled "Notes" so that I might enter notes specific to an order, such "Not reconciled, emailed HK 8/8/2017". This might be necessary as the we received the deposit of funds but it was not reconciled by the Controller's The information would then retained for each item when the report is refreshed with new live information."

Would like feature added such as with FinRecon Report where additional columns can be added (and they remain on the report) by Jessie only. This would allow additional columns from the WRS report to be included to reduce reconciliation time due to formatting and need to add this information each time.
Jenny/Jessie6/20/17More information needed from customer8/22/17Need more information for this
Invalid OrdersIn the Invalid Orders Tab, orders are listed here which do not belong and are listed as Completed under All Orders. Currently, as of today, there is only one Invalid Order and it populates with $0 and no other data, but once in All Orders the correct info is listed. Jenny/Jessie6/20/17Under review8/22/17In Prod Issues Log as of 6/20 - development team looking into this
Transaction Details ReportConvert all numbers in report into number format not general format as is currentlyJenny for Jessie6/23/17Future Development8/22/17In Prod Issues log as of 6/23 - I need to check CSV download, otherwise they are looking into this
Card Swipe RegistrationHave this functionality at times of events for students - i.e. housingJenny for DASA6/26/17Future Development8/11/17In backlog - line 31
Invalid Orders Report & Tab"1. Invalid Order Report (under Financials Report): is not showing anything, should have at least three items 'under review'
2. Invalid Order Tab: Attached is the download and my disposition of the orders in this section. Three are 'under review' and are remaining and should show up in the Invalid Orders Report.
Let me know what you think of the 3 under review - they all have 'Prereq Status' as the common denominator. The rest were abandoned because I could see them in Orders Tab nor did they have a corresponding payment in Nelnet."
Jenny for Jessie7/17/17Under review8/11/17In prod issues log 7/17 - working with development to determine issue
File UploadWhen opening a file in REPORTER can you please have it open in a new window? Right now it stays in same window, and does not take back to right location in REPORTER when you hit the back buttonJenny for Don8/15/17Under review8/29/17In Prod Issues Log 8/15
New development/feature requestDropsWould like the ability to drop 1 person from multiple courses without having to go into each course individually.Sarah Fayard (CSLEPS)9/1/17Future Development9/8/17Lucy spoke about how to make this easier in Manage Courses Tab.
Improvement or Change to existing Featurebulk registrationIt'd be awesome if we could bulk register across courses and instances in one spreadsheet upload. As we already have to list the course and instance in each spreadsheet, I wish I could upload it once across multiple courses. Also it'd be nice if the bulk registration template matched the excel spreadsheet we download. Sarah Fayard (CSLEPS)9/2/17Not planned for development at this time9/8/17You could use the same spreadsheet and swap out the courses, but the system is unable to do this.
New development/feature requestTransferUnder manage courses, it'd be helpful if in addition to "add" and "drop" if "transfer" was added for quick use, rather than having to click into the roster to transfer. Sarah Fayard (CSLEPS)9/6/2017Future Development9/8/17Added to Production Issues Log 9/8 - development team will review for future updates to REPORTER.
QuestionAdmin accessPlease add the ability to pull up student record by courses registered for, not just completedSarah Fayard (CSLEPS)9/12/17Under review9/15/17In Prod Issues log 9/15
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureCourse drop emailsWhen instructors or course admin receive emails about a student dropping out of a course, it'd be helpful if it also included the instance date (as some courses have multiple dates)Sarah Fayard (CSLEPS)9/18/17Under review9/25/17In Production Issues Log 9/25
New development/feature requestManage Courses TabIs it possible to place a shortcut to the "College Deep Link" feature on the Manage Courses tab?Erin Morant10/13/2017Under review10/20/17We will look into developing this when we do future Manage Courses updates
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureGoogle Calendar ViewCan you keep instances in calendar that are already passed? Would like to view courses that have already taken place in the calendar view.Jenny for Don11/27/17Under review12/8/17In Production Issues Log 12/8
New development/feature requestTemporary Google GroupWould like to make a temporary google group from the REPORTER Class Roster in order to complete class exercisesJenny for Don 11/27/17Under review12/8/17You can export the Class Roster into a spreadsheet and add it into a Google Group
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureConfirmation EmailAdd instructions on how to Cancel/Drop a Course to the autmatic Registration Confirmation EmailJenny for Don11/27/17Under review12/8/17https://support.reporter.ncsu.edu/help/frequently-asked-questions/#faq10
In production issues log
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureInstancemanully change instance from active to inactive *currently it auto moves from active to inactiveAllie2/2/18Not planned for development at this time2/2/18cannot make this manual
New development/feature requestReportaccess instance from list*can only do this via the course search Allie2/2/18Under review2/2/18Will need to review this further... was initially decided to not allow this feature. In production issues log.
New development/feature requestCreate external accountsIt looks like the only way a course admin can create external accounts is through the cart. Should they have another option for this? Maybe add the create account button to the external liasion section on the instanceLucy based on email to allie2/28/18In development
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureInstance reportsPlease add the number of participants (completed) and duration of instance (number of hours) to the Instance Report. This will make reporting much easier for course adminsErin Morant5/16/18Under review6/1/18Added to Production Issues Log 5/31
QuestionLocationsWould like to have location add access but he's in a division that we can't grant liaison for (LT)Eugene Murray6/7/18
QuestionEmail alerts Will we be able to stop email notifications to admins for dropped courses?Sarah Fayard 10/8/18Future Development10/9/18Added to Prod Issues 10/9
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureBulk RegistrationWhen bulk registrations are uploaded, can it be added to allow for more than one to be processed at a time? If not, can it automatically add each registration request into a queue? It's not ideal to have to keep trying again later. Sarah Fayard 10/9/18Future Development11/7/18Added to Prod Issues 11/7
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureSign In SheetCould the fields that display on the sign in sheet be optional/selected? The "Department" field/column isn't relevant to the event they are attending and sometimes causes confusion.Sarah Fayard 10/10/18Future Development11/7/18Added to Prod Issues 11/7
New development/feature request
option to show waitlist queue
We could add a development request to make displaying waitlist queue optional, though. So that as a course admin, when you setup the waitlist you can say whether or not to display the position to people on the list. Debbie Mostek2/1/19Future Development2/1/19Task 1678
New development/feature request
Integration with parking system
Would like to add integration with the campus parking system to streamline parking permit process.
Debbie Mostek
(Tamara also interested)
2/1/19Under review
Certificate ProgramsTiered completion for programsIf you complete x you get A, if you complete x & y, you get BOIED12/4/18Future Development2/15/19Added as note to track they are wanting this
Certificate ProgramsAdding program itemsI noticed that you are unable to add a new program item once the registration has been completed. This is an issue because there are often workshops (offered by other units on campus) that participants can ask to count towards the EOI requirements. I understand why you shouldn't be able to remove an item but I think there should be an option to add additional items. Erin Morant3/12/19Under review4/1/2019Added to Prod Issues - for optional program items not required items
Certificate ProgramsA report with a column for "number of electives completed"Is there a report that I can run that will tell me exactly how many electives the EOI Certificate Program participants completed? There is a special designation for people who complete more than the required 7 electives.
Erin Morant4/4/19
Based on Erins email, replace 1918 with https://oit.quickbase.com/db/bmnmghayu?a=dr&r=b68 (1950)
New development/feature requestCertificate ProgramsOnly display completed courses when viewing certificate participantsErin Morant4/11/19Scheduled for development4/23/2019Will sort participants by completed courses (at top), then registered, then not registered
New development/feature requestCertificate ProgramsAllow notes to explain administor overridesErin Morant4/11/19Future Development4/23/2019Task 2068
New development/feature requestCertificate ProgramsDisplay the number of required workshops and electives completed beside the progress barErin Morant4/11/19Future Development4/23/2019Task 2070
Improvement or Change to existing FeatureCertificate ProgramsMake "view participants" screen appear in alphabetical order as the defaultErin Morant4/16/19Scheduled for development4/23/2019Task 2067
Feature not working as intendedCertificate ProgramsCertificate programs take too long to loadErin Morant4/16/19Under review4/23/2019