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To begin the membership application process, complete the items below and submit this form. You will receive an email with a confirmation number. The Institute will use the information you have provided to determine if PowerAmerica can offer your organization membership with PowerAmerica.
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Section I: Basic Information
1. Organization name *
2. Type of organization *
3. Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) *
4. TPOC email address *
 5. TPOC phone number *
6. Business Point of Contact (BPOC) *
7. BPOC email address *
8. BPOC phone number *
9. Preferred POC for project submissions, should PowerAmerica staff have any follow-up questions. *
10. Reason for submitting a membership application to PowerAmerica *
Briefly describe why your organization wishes to collaborate with PowerAmerica. Please include in your response how your organization plans to participate as a member. Please also include an explanation of how your organization will advance the primary goal of PowerAmerica, which is to “revitalize American manufacturing and support domestic manufacturing competitiveness” in wide bandgap semiconductors for power electronic devices.  
Section II: U.S. Manufacturing Information
If applicant is a nonprofit organization or Institute of Higher Education, please skip to Section III.
11. Number of employees based in the U.S.
12. Number of manufacturing workers based in the U.S.
13. Location of principal U.S. manufacturing site(s) related to WBG.
14. Manufacturing presence outside U.S.
Please address any manufacturing interests outside the U.S.
Section III: Additional Information
Please provide any additional information you would like us to consider in our review.
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