Forsyth County Farmland Preservation Survey
Forsyth County Government is concerned with the loss of farmland and is creating a plan to conserve working lands. Please help us develop this plan by completing the survey.
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 How important is Agriculture to the Forsyth County economy? *
 How important is Forestry to the Forsyth County economy? *
 How concerned are you about loss of farmland in the county? *
Do you feel that Agriculture and Forestry will continue to make significant contributions to the Forsyth County economy? *
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What are the 3 biggest challenges faced by farmers? *
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Why are you interested in preserving Forsyth County farmland? *
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Other counties have used State grant money to create value-added processing centers, marketing programs, and livestock showcase facilities. If Forsyth County were to receive grant money (no more than $100,000) for these purposes, how would you like to see that money spent? *
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How can Forsyth County government help ag/forestry businesses be more competitive and promote agricultural economic development?
Are you interested in learning more about conservation easements, the associated grant program and tax credits? *
The two main options of Farmland Preservation are Enhanced Voluntary Ag District (EVAD) and Farmland Preservation Program (FPP). EVAD allows farmers to voluntarily preserve their farmland for 10 years with no payments. FPP purchases development rights and restricts non-ag structures on farmland forever. *
Which program should be offered in Forsyth County?
Which Farmland Preservation program would interest you? *
Do you manage timberland? *
Do you manage farmland? *
Do you own land in Forsyth County? *
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