Form – Request for GeoVis Discovery Meeting
The Center for Geospatial Analytics provides personalized demonstrations, by appointment, for potential partners, funders and collaborators. All Discovery Meetings must be goal-driven and include discussion of follow-up action items.
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Guest details:
Please provide a brief summary of the guests (name(s), affiliation, credentials) and how you know them. For eample: Dr. Lorem, Geography professor from UNC, co-PI on proposal.
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Goals of the visit:
Please provide a detailed description of your goal for the visit. E.g., explain how this visit will help you fulfill a contractual obligation, create strategy to secure funding, meet research/pedagogical goals, etc.
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Expected outcomes:
Please describe specific action items that you anticipate will result from this visit. How will you follow up with the guest after the visit?
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Size of group to visit the Lab:
Our lab is not able to accommodate groups larger than 30 people.
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If you are giving a demo, what will you present?
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Please specify if there are particular Center researchers or students you would like to be present:
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If there is a specific date that you would like to visit please indicate below.
Please list alternate dates that would also work for your group.
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If there is not a specific date, please indicate your desired time frame.
If you are requesting a series of tours (e.g. candidate tours) please indicate the tour dates/times.
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Would you like to reserve the conference room for a sit-down meeting?
How essential is it that the Center’s director be present?
Would you or your group need a parking pass?
If yes, please provide the email addresses of the driver(s) so that a link to a printable parking pass can be sent.
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Please indicate any other details, or needs for special accommodations, it would be helpful for us to know:
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