Intramural Sports Default Form
Please fill out the following information if you wish to default your intramural game.

As a courtesy to opponents and to avoid being charged with a forfeit, teams may request a default for a maximum of two games per season they will be unable to attend. All defaults must be made known to the Sports Programs office by 3pm on the day of the game by completing the Intramural Sports Default Form

For games scheduled on Sunday, the Intramural Sports Default Form must be completed by 3 pm on Friday. Any team member may complete the default form. The Competitive Sports Programs Office will contact both teams after a successful default form has been received.

Teams that do not successfully complete the default form in time will be subject to a forfeit fee if the team does not have the minimum number of players sign in for the game.

Teams that forfeit twice, or incur a total of two defaults and one forfeit, will be dropped from further competition in that sport. If a team is no longer able to compete in a league, please complete the Intramural Sports Default Form and select the “Remove Team From League” option so that our Office may attempt to fill that spot with a team that is able to compete.

If you have any questions please contact us at or you can reach us by phone at 919-515-1517.

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