North Carolina Non-Public School Enrollments - (Home School & Private)
This "interest form" can be used to submit enrollment requests for:
> Summer 2017
> YL 2017-2018 (Year-long)
> Fall 2017
> Spring 2018
> Flex YL
> Flex Fall 2017
> Flex Spring 2018
> Transfer requests - during the transfer period of each semester listed. See NCVPS Academic calendar.

Welcome, home schools and private schools; and thank you for your interest to inquire and request online course enrollments with the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS). The non-public process involves a 4-step process.
Step-1: "Reviewing" what NCVPS offers, receiving the student's primary school's acceptance, identifying the primary contact.
Step-2: "Completing the Interest Form".
Step-3: "Invoice & Payment" phase. You will be notified of additional information when the invoice is emailed (within 5 days after submitting the Interest Form. Within 24 hours, when time is closer to the deadline and semester start date.)
Step-4: "Enrollment & Getting Started" for both the enrolling school and student(s). Additional and concluding information is emailed to the "Primary Contact" of the enrolling school.

If you have any questions about this form or the overall process of Non-Public Enrollments with NCVPS, email or call
NCVPS Office of Non-Public Enrollments: 919-513-2459
Main NCVPS Office: 919-513-8550
Submit a help ticket to

Thank you for your interest in the NC Virtual Public School, serving students since 2007. It is our hope to serve your school and student(s) in the upcoming semesters.

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Students must have an email address to participate in online classes. If you do not have an email account already, to go and set up a free account. Please be careful to enter the address accurately as email is the main method of communication (i.e.
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Student's Ethnicity
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Student's Grade Level *
In what type of school are you enrolled, Home School or Private School? *
(If you are a parent registering your students, please make sure you have contacted and coordinated this enrollment with your private school)
What SCHOOL NAME are you enrolling under for the NCPVS enrollment(s)? *
(the name of your home school or private school)
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Have you ever taken an online course?
If you have answered yes, please let us know with whom you have taken an online course?
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Course(s) requested to enroll. *
please check the NCVPS course catalog to get the course titles, and assure your choices are offered in the semester you are registering for. (NCVPS Course Catalog is under the "Course Info" tab from
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Which semester is this enrollment application for? *
Note: one form should be completed for each semester of enrollment(s).
Please provide the information below as it pertains to your family.
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Any special notes or requests you would like to include about the student in which you are enrolling.
medical, personal circumstances, request for peer tutoring, etc.
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Custody Issues *
Are there current custody issues you would like NCVPS to be aware of?
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This section pertains to the actual enrolling school.
For Private Schools - the primary contact must be a contact from the private school and not a parent.
For Home Schools - the primary contact should be the parent or guardian.
Grades are sent to the enrolling school. Private schools communicate grades to parents based on the private school's process.
Primary Contact Full Name *
This is the person who will be contacted at the school regarding any communications about the student's academic progress.
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Primary Contact Email Address *
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Primary Contact Phone Number *
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School Identification Number (for Home Schools only)
Home Schools - This is the number assigned by the NC Office of Non-public Education. (
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