NCVPS Quick Reference Guide

Running Grade Reports and Other Reports

NCVPS posts grades reports and Day-3 and Day-7 no-show reports in the registration system.  Follow these steps to retrieve your reports.

1) Begin by clicking the Reports button in the registration system. 

2) Click on the button next to the report that you want to download.

3.  Click the “Mini Report”  for “Full Report” to download your report. The Mini Report will include all the grade information you need. The Full Report will include other student data (address, phone, etc.) 

The report will open in an Excel spreadsheet.  The grades will be in the last column of the spreadsheet.

To view a sample progress report, follow this link.

To view a final grade report, follow this link. 

NOTE:  Grade reports will list all of your students who are registered in NCVPS courses.  Some students may not have grades posted, though, for the grade report that you download.  Early Calendar, Credit Recovery, yearlong, and traditional may all have different reporting dates.  Be sure to look at the title of the report that you download.  This will help you determine who should have grades reported on the grade report.

NOTE:  For more on NCVPS grading policy, click here