NCVPS and SAR Data

School data managers will find the NCVPS SAR data in the NCVPS enrollment reports and grade reports.  E-learning advisors at the school will be able to help the data managers access the enrollment reports.

Data managers will need to manually enter the NCVPS teacher SAR data into PowerSchool.  

All SAR data can be found in both the enrollment reports and grade reports.  Schools will use the PowerSchool UID for NCVPS teachers instead of their social security numbers.  

The enrollment report will open into an Excel spreadsheet. Scroll to the right of the spreadsheet to access the SAR data:  

Please note that most HQ errors are due to a data input error or a spreadsheet sorting error on the school's end.  Please confirm that the correct UID has been used.  In addition, sometimes a school will misread our spreadsheet and enter the wrong teacher for a course.  If you accidentally enter the Latin teacher's data for an Algebra course, it will naturally come back as non-HQ.

These links show you how to access the reports:

     Accessing Grade Reports


     Accessing Enrollment Reports