Peer Tutoring Center with NCVPS


In the fall of 2009, NCVPS opened the Peer Tutoring Center with 12 tutors providing services to CTE and Success 101 courses.  It has since expanded to over 60 tutors servicing all NCVPS courses.

The Peer Tutoring Center offers a number of services for students including Peer Tutoring, Virtual Buddies, Quick Question and a blog, TutorTalk.   Please encourage your students to take advantage of these services.  All tutors have successfully completed at least one NCVPS course, received a recommendation from their instructor and completed training.

Please refer students needing services to thier NCVPS instructor or to the Peer Tutoring Center button within their NCVPS course.


Description of Services Offered


Peer Tutoring:  Peer Tutors provides tutoring in specific content areas. This service will be available at the request of the student via email or Blackboard IM. NCVPS students can find out when Peer Tutors are available who tutor in their subject areas through the NCVPS Google Calendars. These calendars are frequently updated.

A wonderful service provided by our Peer Tutors is Live Wimba Sessions. Peer Tutors coordinate with teachers to hold review sessions for classes through Wimba. Peer Tutors prepare presentations to reteach/review specific content or assignments. Also, they may present on topics such as test taking strategies and AP exam review.

Virtual Buddy:  Virtual Buddies are select student volunteers who have agreed to work with NCVPS students who need more than content help in their online classes. The purpose of this service is to assist students with learning time management and organizational skills through motivation and encouragement. This service is NOT for students who have not logged on or are not submitting assignments. Students must be putting effort into the class and be willing to receive help to improve. Virtual Buddies contact an assigned student at least twice a week and hopefully become their inspiration to be, more engaged and to attempt all work in the class.


Quick Questions:  Services are available to all students via Blackboard IM at the start of the semester. For the first four weeks, this is the primary work we provide to ALL NCVPS students. The purpose of this service is to quickly provide assistance to students as they begin to navigate Blackboard or Moodle and their courses. For some students it may be the first time they are taking an online course, and we don't want them to fall behind for not knowing how to do something!  All Peer Tutors will be able to provide the support students need at this point.


TutorTalk:  is a Blog authored by the NCVPS Peer Tutor staff. Articles are posted about a variety of topics, from the best way to manage school work to embracing the opportunities which life throws at you. You can see some of the previous articles in the TutorTalk Blog.