Nazareth Mission Fund: Project Grant Application
MISSION: Living together in God’s amazing grace, we invite all people to know Christ, grow in Christ and make Christ known.

VISION: “Getting Our Hands Dirty for the Cause of Christ!”

VALUES: Holy Discontent, Responsiveness, Relationships and Leading Beyond Our Walls

The following guidelines are intended to provide direction for those who are applying for mission project funds and/or mission experience through Nazareth. However, these are guidelines only and funding is not necessarily limited to projects fitting these parameters. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and applicants will be notified in writing when final grant decisions are made.

1. Projects and/or mission experiences should be creative and visionary. We value “Relationships” and seek mission projects and experiences that build upon or create partnerships that motivate Nazareth members to greater involvement and investment in mission both within and beyond our walls.

2. Project size and/or mission experience needs should be such that other sources are not readily available and the funds provided will make significant contribution toward success of the project or participation in the event.

3. Projects and/or mission experiences should not normally be a line item in the congregational or ministry budget but might evolve into such when proven viable for the future.

4. Projects and/or mission experiences should relate to one or more of the following:
--Christian evangelism and growth in discipleship with the specific intent of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ

--Christian education where beneficiaries are directly exposed to the offer of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior

--Christian health care where beneficiaries of a Nazareth mission grant are directly and evangelistically exposed to Christ’s forgiveness and grace

--Economic development associated with an active evangelical mission ministry where recipients connect the benefit of the mission gift to Christ’s gift to them

--Aligned or consistent with our Nazareth mission, vision, and values as outlined above

These mission funds exist to enhance the work of the Church by helping to establish new ministries and increased evangelism, discipleship, and stewardship opportunities for all followers of Jesus Christ.
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