Nature's Educators Volunteer Application
Thank you for applying to volunteer with us! We will review your application and will contact you if you fit our needs at the time. Please do not contact us regarding your application. If we email you to set up an interview and you do not respond within a week, we will assume you are not interested and we will not set up an interview.

It takes time and money for us to train a new volunteer. If you know that you will not be able to commit at least one year to Nature's Educators, please wait to apply with us until you have the time. We take timely communication very seriously. Be sure to check your spam folder if you are expecting something from us! Please do not reach out to us via social media or phone to check in on your application - we will contact you if we feel you are a good fit.

Volunteer Requirements
Be 18 years or older.
Be able to commit at least 12 hours per month for 1 year. Must be at least 1 program/event, 1 scheduled animal care, and 1 scheduled mews cleaning per month. Of course, you can do more!
Have reliable transportation.
Complete a training and pass an exam to become a raptor handler at the end of your first 3 months. The training is described below.
There is a 3 month training period before handling any birds. During your 3 month period, you will shadow, observe, feed, clean, and learn.
Provide your own small raptor handling glove (NaturesEd will advise).
Have access to the internet and be able to correspond via email regularly.
Have some level of animal experience or public speaking skills.
Be able to pay $20 for a background check.
Be able to pay for the raptor training at $100 (non refundable) described below.
If you are simply wanting to feed and clean (no animal handling), there is no need for the course, polo, or other items.
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Employment situation
We require volunteers to volunteer for a minimum of 16 hours per month. We need help on both weekdays and weekends.
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Previous experience with birds of prey
Previous experience is not required, but if you do have some, please describe.
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Previous experience with reptiles or insects
Previous experience is not required, but if you do have some, please describe.
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Previous experience with presenting, teaching, or public speaking
Previous experience is not required, but if you do have some, please describe.
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Any other skills
No additional skills needed, but please describe any you may have.
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Please list 3 references with at least one being professional.
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Training and Costs
Nature's Educators takes pride in having skilled, knowledgeable volunteers. At the end of your 3 month probationary (learning) period, you will take our Raptors 101 course. At the end of this course, you will need to pass an exam with an 80% or better. You will learn the contents of the exam during your shadowings, trainings, and Raptors 101. You can retake the exam up to 3 times, but after that, will need to retake the entire training.

The training session costs $100. This will get you the course, a polo ($20 value), a name tag ($12 value), and 1 raptor handling glove ($45 value). The course will cover general raptor facts, our raptor ambassadors, general reptile facts and care, general info on our other animals, vocabulary, safety and first aid, etc. The fee is non-refundable as we will use the money for those that do not make it past the 3 months to help care for our ambassadors. It will be considered a tax-deductible donation then. The money helps to cover precious time and resources to train new folks!

If you are only interested in helping clean and feed, there is no need for the training course.

You will also need to pass a background check before coming to your orientation day. This is online and costs $20.

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